We can offer sewing machine servicing repairs on domestic and Industrial sewing machines and overlockers at our workshop. Or if you would rather we can offer a mobile service and can come to you! Although our base is in Suffolk we are happy to travel! Regular maintenance of your machine is essential for its health!
A domestic service of a sewing machine will typically comprise of the following:

Domestic sewing machine servicing :

  1. Stitching with the machine first. This will give me a general idea of how all the important parts are working or not, as the case may be!
  2. If there is no obvious fault from the initial test then the first thing i will check is the top Tension.
  3. Upper Tension unit cleaned.
  4. Bobbin case cleaned.
  5. The bottom tension will be checked and balanced with the top tension.
  6. Timing of the shuttle will be checked and adjusted if needed.
  7. Needlebar height will be checked and adjusted if needed.
  8. The Needleplate will be checked for damage.
  9. The Needle will be replaced.
  10. Bobbin winder checked and any faults cured.
  11. Take up spring checked.
  12. stitch length checked and adjusted if necessary.
  13. Inside of the machine will be cleaned and any stray thread shall be removed.
  14. Greasing and oiling of internal parts.
  15. Reverse button checked.Checkout my blog pages for recently serviced machines