Sewing machine repair house calls in Norwich and Norfolk of a Singer 99k, Silver 20hd, Janome, Toyota today!

I started the day in Norwich looking at a Toyota Quilt master. The machine needed a service and repair as the threads were bunching up underneath and not creating a good stitch. I gave it a full service and adjusted the tensions top and bottom. Then i went on north Norfolk near Cromer to look at a Silver 20hd and an old Singer 99k. The silver sewing machine needed a repair and service but the trusty old Singer just needed a bit of TLC!
Then back into Norwich to repair a Janome and Brother FS210. Both sewing machines needed tensions adjusting and a good clean! My client was so happy that she gave me a Bernina 801 and a hand crank Singer to take back with me to service and repair. See more repairs here

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