A recent repair of an Anglo Sew industrial sewing machine on location in Ipswich.

Tension nightmares with an Anglo sew industrial sewing machine :

I received a phone call last week with a curtain maker in distress and having problems with their Industrial machine, so i packed my bag and went off to make a site visit in Ipswich. The machine was producing erratic stitches with loops underneath the fabric, but only some of the time. This normally is a problem related to the top tension. On closer inspection a lot of fluff and debris was discovered in the tension disks. After removing this and a thorough cleanup of the disks later it was stitching fantastically! I’ll be returning soon to give the machine a full service

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Anglo sew industrial sewing machine
Anglo sew industrial sewing machine

4 thoughts to “Anglo Sew industrial sewing machine repair in Ipswich

  • Lynn Byrne

    Hi i am looking for a new belt for my blind hemmer it was bought from Anglo sew
    model no CM 501?
    Regads Lynn Byrne

  • Zoe Brodie-Jones

    Hi Tim,
    I’m looking to buy an industrial sewing machine (mostly for home sewing, I am a hobbyist and not needing anything super fancy!) I have an offer from a local tailor who is offering his Anglosew GC8500. I’m struggling to find any information on these machines. The most I’ve found is that it’s a Juki copy – which doesn’t really tell me much at the end of the day…
    Are these machines decent and reliable?
    Many thanks!

    • timbowden

      Hi Zoe,
      If its just the straight stitch machine then yes, they are pretty bullet proof. Regular servicing should keep it running well (has it been regularly serviced ?)


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