Industrial sewing machine service in Ipswich:

I was back again at a local interior furnishings company to complete the service on their Anglosew Industrial sewing machine.
I had been a few weeks before to repair the machine but i suggested that a full service was needed to ensure a smooth running. As you can see from the pictures the hook assembly was removed and cleaned. This area gets very dirty with fluff and threads and its essential to keep it clean. This was stripped down and then reinserted into the machine and the timing was then adjusted. The tension unit was completely stripped down and cleaned. New oil was added and the needle bar height was also inspected. The machine was stitching beautifully !
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Industrial sewing machine service
AngloSew industrial sewing machine
Hook assembly from Industrial sewing machine
Hook assembly
Hook assembly from sewing machine in pieces
Hook assembly in pieces
Dirt in Hook and feed dog area
Tension unit from Industrial sewing machine
Tension unit disassembled

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