Juki DDL-8700 071 error message

I was called out to a client in Cambridgeshire to repair her Juki DDL-8700 industrial sewing machine as it had an error 071 on its screen. As i offer a mobile sewing machine repair service this meant she didn’t have to lug this beast to a shop!
The error 071 message is normally associated with a motor issue. I opened up the rear of the machine to access all the wiring. All wiring coming from the motor was checked and cleaned. Every time the machine was switched on the annoying beep was heard and the error message reappeared!
The next step was to check the bobbin and needle plate area as the machine was not re-setting itself when switched on. After dismantling the needleplate i noticed that the thread cutting area had a massive build up of lint and debris. After cleaning this area and taking apart the shuttle hook it cleared the issue and all was well again

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juki DDL-8700
juki DDL-8700

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