Kwik sew K3484 mens shirt pattern:

What’s this i hear you cry, an article on a kwik sew K3484 mens shirt pattern on a sewing machine repair blog? Has he gone mad? Well, no actually! In my spare time, which incidentally i don’t have much of!, i like to make my own shirts. I’m a fan of 1940’s and 1950’s style clothes ,which can be difficult and expensive to find, so i decided to make my own. How did i learn to do this i hear you all cry (i’ve got good hearing!)? Well, my wife Amanda runs the amazing Felixstowe Sewing School¬†and she very kindly ran a shirt making class, which i attended. Since then i have made 6 or 7 shirts! This most recent one was made with a piece of fabric that was given to me for Christmas and has sewing machines on it, how apt!

Vintage sewing machine:

As a vintage clothes fan i also like to make my shirts using period machines, so for this 50’s style bowling shirt i chose my beautiful Brother machine with its lovely chrome and pale blue bodywork. In the past i have used Singer hand machines, Singer Feather weights, Bernina 700’s etc. This particular machine is a joy to use and handled all aspects of the make with ease, including the buttonholes. The beautiful buttons were from The Little Fabric shop in Felixstowe. Not bad for a relatively basic straight stitch and zig zag machine!

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Kwik Sew K3484 mens pattern
Kwik Sew pattern
Pattern pieces on fabric
Laying out the pattern pieces onto the fabric
close up of pattern on fabric
Close up of pattern pinned to fabric
Sewing machine fabric
sneak peak of the fabric from the right side!
Brother vintage sewing machine
My beautiful blue and chrome vintage Brother sewing machine
sewing machine fabric
Lining up the pattern for my pocket! Spot the Tailers tacks
sewing with a vintage Brother sewing machine
In action!
Finished Kwik sew pattern shirt
The completed shirt, Honest i was very happy with it!

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