Overlocker service of a Bernina 8000 DL

In my workshop today was a Bernina 8000 dl which had come in for an overlocker service. Irregular stitching and general peskiness was reported and needed sorting! The first step with all overlocker repairs or servicing is to completely re thread the machine. I always use Gutermann Toldi Lock threads as they are reliable and always stitch well. I get mine from Barnyarns, making sure that the threading was correct and done in the correct sequence (more on this in another post).

After doing this i checked the needlebar height, time of both loopers and also the feed dogs. All seemed fine. So i carried on and cleaned out the insides thoroughly – overlockers get very dirty! After a good clean up and oiling the panels were put back on and i tested it. It stitched beautifully and was running a lot smoother than before. I swapped my threads for the ones the client was using and the stitch was perfect!

Overlockers can scare/confuse some people but i’ll hopefully demystify this in forthcoming posts – watch this space!

For other overlockers and sewing machines that i have serviced/repaired please click here

bernina 8000 dlBernina 8000 dl nameplate overlocker service of a Bernina upper looper of a Bernina overlocker bernina 8000 dl



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