Just a couple of todays machines that came into my Suffolk workshop, a singer 99k service, repair, and a Frister and Rossmann.

singer 99k service repair:

A very nice Singer 99k dating back to 1926 which came in for a service and repair. This machine needed a bit of tlc today! As the bobbin winder mechanism was seized up this needed oiling and adjusting. After an inspection i noticed that it needed a new bobbin tyre. A brand new foot pedal and lead were also supplied as the existing one was a potential hazard!. Timings etc were checked and oil administered as it was a bit dry!

Frister and Rossman:

The 2nd machine, a Frister and Rossmann, was a fairly new machine so all it needed was opening up and oiling, along with timings etc being checked. Both left the workshop working beautifully!

For more information on servicing and repairs please look here.
singer 99k service repair

singer 99k service repair

2 thoughts to “1926 Singer 99k and Frister and Rossmann 681c Quilters edition service and repair

  • Kenneth Pallant

    Hi, do you stock the complete thread tensioner mechanism for a Singer 99k, if you do what would be the cost of it.

    • timbowden

      Sorry i do not have any tension units for this machine


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